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High quality hand made crocheted items. Made by my loving Wife
Awesome prices!

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The marquee door is open to expose the speakers and flourescent light.

The Control panel with all the holes drilled and the trackball plate test installed for size.

The Neo-Geo cab with it's marquee top open.

Here's a shot of Exibar's Lair and Beast Busters sitting side by side. I've been dry fitting parts and making adjustments to the control panel and took time out to snap a pic.

Another shot of the whole cabinet during control panel tweaking.

My Control panel base drying from one of it's 10 coats of hammered finish Rustoleum paint. I went through about a full can of paint on the control panel. I might even wind up putting a CPO on it someday when I have soem $$$ to spare. Yes, that IS a corvette in the garage which I'm restoring to it's former show winning quality :-)

WOW!!! Just look at all those darned wires! How in the world do I know what goes to where?
Nice little wire marking labels that I picked up at HOme Depot that's how!

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Exibar's Lair