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counter free

High quality hand made crocheted items. Made by my loving Wife
Awesome prices!

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An image of my first endevour from 3.5 years ago. I used a HAPP UCGI interface for the whole kit and kaboodle. Works really nice, just too darn big to use often. A cabinet must be made!

The first arcade game I restored was this original Beast-Busters, 3 gun shooter! I used to love playing these shooting games with my best friend in the arcades years ago... Quarter after quarter after quarter went into them. Now I don't have to pump in any quarters!

Here's what the Neo-Geo 4 way MVS game cab looked before I started tearing into it. Well, almost. I've already removed the control panel buttons and joysticks in this picture.

WOOHOO!! we have a bunch of new and old arcade parts here!!

Here is a view of the computer sitting apart on my wifes kitchen counter while I configure everything. My wife was very pleased to get her counterspace back!

Just a quick closup of the brain behind Exibar's Lair, the silicon one that is.

A view of before I started to completely gut the cabinet. A really nice JAMMA harness is in there. Ok, so I did take the harness apart some to re-use some of the fittings and other connectors, but the main black connectors and thick wire bundle is still in tact, well, minus a couple power wires that wouldbe easily re-connected if need be. The way I figure, I'm never going to sell the harness, nor am I ever going to use it in another Neo-Geo cabinet, so I might as well make use of the parts on it instead of just letting them sit on a shelf in my garage gathering dust. At least now some parts of it are going to goo d use :-)

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Exibar's Lair