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High quality hand made crocheted items. Made by my loving Wife
Awesome prices!

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Closeup of the marquee light and speakers. The iwres were later mounted to the ceiling of the cab.

Test fitting the trackball mounting plate and the spinner in their new homes. Yes that is an extra Tempest spinner on the little shelf under the control panel :-)

Side view of the Neo_Geo cabinet after I painted over the side logos.

High view of the cab with the marquee installed, and lit as well I believe.

This marquee took me the better part of two weeks to complete. I wanted Exibar's Lair to be in the fashion of the ZORK logo from the old Infocom Zork series. Took me forever to get the A's just right, and I still don't think they're perfect.
The Neo-Geo 4 way MVS cabinet has 4 places for mini-marquees and one smaller place for the NEOGEO logo up top (where I have the Mame Logo now). This makes an ideal Marquee holder. I've contracted to print out my marquee for me on clear vinal marquee material that I'll sandwich between two thin sheets of lexan, then bolt that to the marquee door.
I feel that my marquee turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself :-)

We're almost done now! Just have to put in the buttons and wire the control panel up. Something that will prove to take a couple days longer than expected too!

I have the Joysticks and trackball mounted! Boy were those hex head screws a mistake! They're coming out as soon as I aquire some smooth head carraige bolts.

Is it a UFO? Is it HAL-9000 from 2001 a Space Oddesy feeling a little blue? NOPE! It's the nice blue glow from my translucent 3" Happ TrackBall!

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Exibar's Lair