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High quality hand made crocheted items. Made by my loving Wife
Awesome prices!

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The Wells Gardner 25K7191 in all it's naked glory!

The insides of the Neo-Geo 4 way MVS cab before I pulled out it's guts, well what guts I owned ;-)

Here's the top portion of the insides of the cab. The Neo-Geo cabs seem perfect for a MAME conversion with their already installed shelf for the Motherboard to be mounted to.

This is after I've cleaned up the inside of the Neo-Geo cab. I haven't started to re-wire anythign at this point yet.... but the fun is about to start!

There's the brains of Exibar's Lair, mounted in it's perminant home. The harddrive is an 80 gig Maxtor. The Motherboard is an ABIT VH6-II, 800Mhz, 512 RAM. I'm using Ultimarc's ArcadeVGA video card based on the ATI 9200 chipset with 128meg of video memory.

I picked up a couple switches with switch covers like they use in military aircraft to arm missiles. I figured it was a fitting master power switch. The small red button is to turn on the computer.

Top view of Exibar's Lair being configured and the monitor being tweaked with the Nokia signal generation software (which is free and worth every penny doubled!)

A nice view of the front panel with the coin doors with working coin mechs and two buttons to simulate coin insertion. I wanted to be able to either use the BYOAC custom tokens to coin-up or to use a couple buttons near the coin slots that still makes you reach down like you're inserting a coin just like back in the old days! There aren't any drips in the red paint...You don't have to point any out to me... These aren't the droids your looking for.... move along, move along

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Exibar's Lair